There are a lot of vaginal moisturisers available on the market to help with vaginal dryness symptoms. They can be very helpful in making sexual intercourse less painful and more pleasurable.

Unfortunately, vaginal moisturisers do not cure the problem. Vaginal dryness symptoms in menopause are due to the changes in the vagina that occur when your level of oestrogen decreases. The purpose of lubricants is just to reduce friction.

If you want to go to the root of the problem you have two choices:

-oestrogen therapy is the first choice.  It will be effective if the changes have not been present for a long time but it does work slowly.

Vaginal Laser. Erbium laser will restore the elasticity of the vagina much quicker and then you can maintain the results with the use of oestrogen.

If you are suffering from vaginal dryness it is important to treat the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Vaginal Laser treatment is non-invasive and an extremely effective treatment that treats the root cause. Contact us today to arrange an appointment with our Dublin or Cork clinics specialists.

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