Over Active Bladder syndrome is a very common condition in women of all ages. It does become even more common in our older years. Luckily, Femalase provides a very effective treatment for overactive bladder that is easily accessible to help you live more comfortably.

There are many factors contributing to this condition including the decrease in oestrogen levels in menopause. Overactive bladder is when the detrusor muscle in the bladder overworks giving women the continuous need to empty the bladder and very often leakage.

The main problem with all bladder conditions is that many women find it difficult to seek help as they feel embarrassed by the condition. You should not feel this way as treatment is available and can be very effective.

The first thing to do is to have a proper diagnosis as many women think they have stress incontinence instead, which is treated in a very different way. Diagnosis between the two conditions is often simple and requires a visit to a doctor who has an interest in the area.

After the diagnosis is made treatment can be planned.

For overactive bladder it includes medications and lifestyle changes.

Stress incontinence has a more mechanical cause and treatments include physiotherapy, surgery and more recently innovative laser therapy.

Our IncontintiLase treatment is a laser treatment that treats overactive bladder very effectively. This is available in our Cork & Dublin clinics.

Incontinence Treatment

Treatment for overactive bladder

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