Why is my vagina suddenly dry? Many women are aware of the changes and symptoms associated with menopause. What women are not so aware of is the vaginal physiological changes that happen with menopause. When the level of oestrogen decreases the vaginal mucosa (skin inside the vagina) will become much thinner.

Vaginal Dryness

This can present with dryness, pain at sexual penetration and sometimes a general feeling of discomfort.

Sometimes this condition is misdiagnosed with recurrent thrush and treated for infections. The reason for the symptoms is the lack of hormones associated with menopause. Many treatments are available, including laser therapy to improve the conditions of the mucosa and the elasticity of the vagina.

If you find yourself asking why is my vagina suddenly dry,  you do not have to suffer. Femalase offers RenovaLase® treatment. This is a non-invasive laser treatment that treats the cause of vaginal dryness. This treats dryness at the source, to provide long lasting results, unlike vaginal moisturisers & lubricants which may only provide temporary relief.

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